easyDAQ is a Subsea Sensors Data Acquisition System developed by easySubsea. It provides the temperature and pressure monitoring for PDG and PTT sensors. easyDAQ acquire all these data and, in its integrated computer, can process them and show in its touchscreen monitor the results, generate reports automatically and configure your subsea monitoring system.

Key Features

  • The standard version can read up to 2 PDG lines, 2 PTT and 2 PT sensors.
  • Data acquisitions for both digital and analog (4-20mA) sensors.
  • Integrated touchscreen with Windows 7 Embedded, enabling all data acquisition and system configuration carrying only one device.
  • Friendly software, easy to understand, avoiding misreading and misconfiguration.
  • 3 USB ports, 2 Ethernet ports, and 2 Serial RS 232/422/485 ports.
  • easyDAQ is housed in a IP-68 (Closed) case made to be handled offshore, at site conditions.
  • Universal (85 to 264VAC) 24VDC charger with internal rechargeable battery.

Integrated Computer

easyDAQ has an integrated computer, with a touchscreen in which all data manipulation and system configuration can be done. It presents the information in the easyDAQ software, which is designed to be easy to read and understand, preventing misreading and misconfiguration. As it has a touch screen computer integrated to the case, it is possible to process all the information, generating reports or any other documentation. It can store the data either in a ash drive or at the internal hard disk. It can also connect to a network if it is needed.


easyDAQ comes with a rechargeable battery if you need to use it unplugged from the power plug, as a notebook. It also has a power cable included.

EASY Philosophy

easySubsea “easy” philosophy deliver products that are fast, secure and profitable to the clients. Therefore, you do not need to worry about any hassle during operation. We make products to ease the work on the rig.


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